West Miacomet

This home stands out as one of our favorite projects. Sometimes projects become special to us because of their amazing location, or the architectural challenges they present, or simply because the clients are a joy to work with.  This particular project had all three qualities.

This home was designed to replace a summer cottage that a family had enjoyed for forty years. Sitting at the edge of the dunes, the site affords the amazing light that the southern Nantucket coast can provide. The existing cottage was relocated to become the year round home for a local family, clearing the way for our clients to build a new structure. We worked very closely with the owners to discuss every detail, recognizing the natural beauty of the site and our clients’ desire to move in a more contemporary direction with the design.

The site presented itself with all the regulatory challenges one can imagine, with limits on setbacks, ground cover constraints, and special permits. The end result is a modest home nestled in the dunes that accommodates our clients’ needs and effortlessly houses friends and family in the height of the season. The home frames the natural beauty that surrounds it while inviting in the morning light and setting late day sun. This is a project we are proud of, and clients we now call friends.