We like light!

Typically at our first meeting with new clients we start going over their wish list. “Large kitchen, check. Fireplace, check. Ample mudroom, check. Oh, oh, and we like LIGHT!” We politely nod and acknowledge their desire for light. Every client says this, assuming we planned on the latest contemporary black box design for their home. We don’t mean to be snarky but it comes up at every first meeting.


At this point we just laugh, to ourselves anyway.

If as designers we aren’t paying attention to the natural light, we never would have made it past the Blue Print Room (which doesn’t exist anymore, btw). Light is often the very first element we start thinking about. Where does the sun rise, where does it set, what falls in shadow? As humans we seek out the sun. Traditionally we follow it throughout the day, so your home should too.

Most people enjoy waking up to morning light. A sun filled kitchen in the morning can be a joy, as is a sunlight dappled deck to savor that first cup of coffee as you start your day. As the sun moves across the sky, your floor plan should follow it. A day room facing south can be perfect for lounging or maybe taking a late afternoon nap.

Then there are your outdoor rooms to consider. If there is a pool it will want as much exposure as possible, ideally with chaises facing south. As the light moves west, why not dine in that golden light as your day comes to a close? Just as an east deck can be important in the morning, so is that west deck to watch the sun set with your favorite rosé.

So yes, light outshines most everything.  It should always be a key player in the layout of a new home or landscape. If you tell us you like light, we promise not to laugh.