Sufside Sun

When our clients discovered this property just a couple hundred yards from the ocean they knew it was the perfect place for casual beachside living.  We designed an upside down home for the family to take advantage of the water views along Nantucket’s south shore.  At the ground floor there are four bedrooms that spill out onto the pool courtyard. 

The addition of a cabana allows this arrangement to work successfully when the main living spaces are on the second floor.  The cabana enhances outdoor living and serves as a second living area when combined with the pool court.  It was important to the family that the home evoke the feeling of a summer cottage.  Traditional textures and coastal whites were key in creating that feeling.  At the same time they desired a few innovative materials that harken to boat architecture, such as stainless steel cables and rails.

Fun touches like the sliding barn door helps close off spaces when more privacy is needed.  A mahogany ship’s ladder was used to provide access to the sleeping loft.  The ship’s bunks beg for fun summer sleepovers. Though we were able to incorporate some contemporary touches, overall the house has a timeless feeling that is at home along the water.